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    Hello, my 10-year-old child developed chickenpox which healed but he now fears socializing with other children and is afraid that they will tease him on how his skin looks like. This pattern repeats itself when we have a family gathering. I am afraid he will grow up antisocial and this will generally affect his grades in school what could be the problem? Can I get a solution?


    Hello Jenny,
    I am sorry that your child is going through this predicament. Chickenpox heals but leaves scars that can be visible for a long time and this can be embarrassing to the affected person if they are very social in this case your child. The condition he is suffering from is called Social Phobia which is one of the many anxiety disorders. It is not an emergency but it is better managed as soon as possible before it develops into another serious condition such as depression. You can initiate treatment by taking him to a therapy session for a counseling session. You can also encourage him to think positively and offer him other activities that will distract him and make him forget about the situation. It will be over as soon as you manage it.

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