Sick hypertension

Sick hypertension

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The Xpression of Hypertension

Hypertension is the most common chronic disease in the community. The cause is unknown, some risk factors increase the risk of hypertension, such as diabetes, smoking, hyperlipidemia, genetic, etc. This is a common disorder in the community and it increases with age, account for 8-12% of the population.


Most hypertension have no symptoms. The signs of headache, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, tiredness… are not the only manifestation of each hypertension.
If you have symptom of hypertension, usually at this time, you was a complication or c has a serious hypertension.


The harmful effects of hypertension (high blood pressure complications) occurred mainly in the heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, blood vessels.

At heart, hypertension causes
– Heart failure.
– Coronary heart disease include silent myocardial ischemia, angina, myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death.

In the brain, hypertension causes
– Transient ischemic attacks.
– Cognitive decline and dementia.
– Stroke include cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke) and intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain, stroke).
– Encephalopathy (vomiting, dizziness, convulsions, coma …).

Kidney: end-stage renal disease and ultimately kidney failure.

Eyes: causing blurred vision, blindness called retinopathy caused by hypertension.

Blood vessels: hypertension caused bulging aorta, atherosclerosis, Peripheral Arterial Disease.

All of these complications can be grown heavier, causing serious consequences: 62% and 49% of stroke angina by increasing blood pressure and causing sudden or slowly death or early death (hypertension cause decreased life expectancy from 10 to 20 years).

How to prevent hypertension

In today’s industrial life, high blood pressure (BP) is becoming more popular. Factors related to the increase in BP is often associated with modern life, such as overweight, smoke, drink heavily, excess salt and fat in the diet … so, maintaining a path healthy living is the most effective measures to prevent the disease.

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