Natural Cancer Therapy

What Is Natural Cancer Therapy?

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Natural Cancer Therapy

Key Benefits

Intended, where possible, to treat underlying causes vs. symptoms to help achieve a more permanent resolution.

Utilizes solutions that minimally compromise other aspects of health in treating the cancer.


NHWC believes that to more effectively treat cancer, doctors must not only address symptoms and tumors, but must also detect and eliminate the underlying cause(s) of them in order to better achieve a non-recurrent resolution.

Underlying causes of cancer can include toxins, infections, nutrient deficiencies (or excesses), emotional or stress issues, energetic disturbances (see acupuncture) or genetic imprints on the DNA from illness in previous generations (see miasms).

Assessing each underlying cause of a patient's cancer (see assessments) and eliminating each cause with regard to priorities will make the body's systems and biochemistry stronger and more effective at fighting the cancer.

A Partial List of Potential Cancer Contributors & Solutions


Identify their source in your environment (house, workplace) or in your body (oral, gut, organs, tissues). Eliminate the source of the toxins then undergo an extensive detoxification program to remove the accumulated toxins in areas being affected. (see detoxification)


Bacteria, viruses, fungi/yeast, parasite, mycoplasm, and others.

Eliminate the source of the microbes; transform the body's inner terrain into one that promotes growth of only healthy microbes (see pleomorphism).

Introduce healthy microbes (probiotics), raise oxygen levels (breathing, hyperbaric, hydrogen peroxide, concentrated oxygen), and introduce immune enhancing, antimicrobial supplements, herbs and homeopathics.

A number of antimicrobial supplements (herbs, homeopathics, etc.) can be very effective at reducing microbial load.

Only use antibiotics or antiviral pharmaceuticals occasionally.

Antiviral and antibiotic medications have many limitations and can produce many adverse side effects. Antivirals and antibiotics can be very effective when used where absolutely indicated and where other antimicrobials are ineffective.


Nutritional deficiencies should be corrected. Take in essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, water, essential fatty acids, electrolytes and unprocessed sugars (e.g. Ambertose). Eliminate poor nutritional uptake and add pure, whole organic foods and supplements while decreasing allergic or sensitivity responses (see allergy elimination AET). Intravenous therapies (see IV Therapy) get the pure nutrients directly into the blood and avoid a dysfunctional gastrointestinal system. These unprocessed, essential nutrients are the building blocks for the body to function correctly, heal and repair.

Emotional Issues

Emotional stress in our everyday life and our emotional history can compromise the body's systems, especially the immune and autonomic nervous systems. Stress relieving techniques include meditation, yoga, stress management, psychoneurobiology, family constellation therapy and tapas acupressure. Almost any cancer has an emotional component and cannot be ignored in cancer therapy.

Direct Tumor Therapies

When combined with adjunctive therapies that stimulate the body to be more effective at combating a tumor or cancer, direct tumor therapy can be very effective. Patients should weigh the risks and benefits of high-dose chemotherapy and radiation along with natural or low-dose therapies while recognizing that these therapies may compromise the normal function of the body.

Less-invasive direct therapies include therapeutic injections, hypothermia, oxygen therapies, herbal therapy (e.g. mistletoe) and Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). IPT, an experimental therapy, developed by Dr.Donato Perez Garcia, is a very low dose chemotherapy (2-10% of standard) preceded by insulin. Because cancer cells have 6-15 times more insulin receptors on their surface than regular cells the insulin opens channels in the cancer cell membranes wider than any other cell and the chemotherapy uptake is infinitely greater in these cancer cells than in all other cells. Insulin therapy also brings cancer cells to the most chemotherapeutically susceptible part of their reproductive cycle. Consequently IPT selectively kills cancer cells while leaving other cells relatively unaffected.


Treating cancer with a more integrative approach, which includes strengthening the body's natural ability to fight it, eliminating the underlying causes, and fighting the tumor or cancer cells directly, and should be considered when weighing treatment options as a way of achieving sustained healing for cancer.

Who Benefits?

Anyone seeking a more holistic approach to cancer treatment, a less invasive approach, or who has had limited/poor results using standard cancer therapy.

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