Low blood pressure

Low Blood Pressure

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Low blood pressure is common in thin people, but does not mean that fat people do not get this disease. Most people are concerned with hypertension, and they are easy to ignore the low blood pressure. Compared to the average blood pressure of 120 / 80mmHg, people with low blood pressure have less than 100mmHg maximum. Popularity is lower than 90 / 60mmHg.

Low Blood Pressure

Symptoms of low blood pressure

Speaking about the blood pressure disease, people often think about high blood pressure. However, the low blood pressure causes also many dangers. To know if you have this disease suffer not, please check the following common symptoms:

The expression of mutant low blood pressure

Blood pressure is normal or high before, now suddenly down (down approximately 30-40mmHg). This case is often caused by a physical illness. Sudden hypotension causes circulatory failure levels. The blood pressure may very low or loss, tachycardia, little or no catch. You will have the sense of drowsiness or complete loss of hypoxic brain.

According to statistics, the current low blood pressure account for about 5-7% of the adult population. Previously low blood pressure generally focus on women (incidence roughly 30 times men) who are physically wasting, labor force.

Tips for people with low blood pressure

Using drugs to treat the Low Blood Pressure is often less effective. The combination of diet and exercise can bring better efficiency. Diet should ensure adequate protein (milk, meat, pork liver, poultry, eggs, fish, seafood, beans …) Jujube, lotus seeds are beneficial for blood food pressure.

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