Can Naturally Detoxing and Cleansing The Body Help It Heal From Most Diseases and Chronic Illnesses?

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Can detoxing and cleansing the body really cure most of our health problems? It may sound like a ridiculously silly question to many, but it’s a serious and legitimate one. Anyone who has healed themselves or others utilizing the powerful effects of nutritionally dense food, will know that this is not only possible, but probable. Because we are so used to eating foods, most of us anyway that are so lacking in any nutrient content, it only makes sense that after time our bodies will start to cave in and give up on us. For some people this happens early on in their lives, where symptoms and chronic illnesses appear when they are still young children. For others though, the symptoms don’t start creeping up until one is much older, sometimes not until they have reached middle age. One thing is for sure though, that if you treat your body like garbage, it will eventually let you know, in not so subtle ways, that it has had enough. And, the way it is going to show you it’s had enough is by making you feel pretty miserable in one way or another.

For many people, symptoms can be very subtle at first coming on over many years, and for other’s their symptoms can come on full force, seemingly out of the blue, like a raging bull. It just depends on your body and how it is responding to inflammation at the time. That is why we have so many cleverly named diseases and symptoms. There really are a lot of different things people experience when their body has had “enough”. We have become really good at ignoring these symptoms, as a culture, by taking prescription and over the counter medications. These are fantastic for quelling very uncomfortable symptoms short term. However, they are only robbing Peter to pay Paul. Can you picture that game in every amusement park you’ve ever been to, called Whac-A-Mole? That’s how our symptoms basically work within our bodies. Once you get one symptom to disappear with a big whack to the head, three more will simply pop up in its place. This is because the body is producing a symptom in the first place as a response to something being wrong and until you get to the root of the problem, more symptoms will just keep popping up to balance out the other ones you are trying to “quiet” down with a pill.detox

Have you ever been out to dinner and noticed that person who pulls out their clear plastic container where the compartments are marked with every day of the week, filled to the brim with dozens of different colored pills? Do you think they were born having to take dozens of pills like this? What happened along the way in their life that it has now become normal to try and remember what time to take which pill and in what combination? Who really wants to live their life this way knowing that they are completely dependent on medications for allowing them to just “get by”?  It’s very interesting that the United States Is the only Country in the world which allows Pharmaceutical Companies to advertise directly to the consumer! How can anyone who watches one of these drug ads, with all of the disclosed potential risks and side effects, in their right mind want to run into their Doctor’s office and request one of these drugs? I mean it’s quite humorous when you think about it.

What are we doing? Why do we still collectively think that a pill or drug is going to save us? Why are we all so afraid of taking control of our own health? It is quite comforting to think that a Doctor or Drug can save us, I guess. However, it’s quite far from the truth. Thinking the Doctor or Drug fairy is going to save us is the same as believing in fairy tales as a child. It’s fun for a while, but eventually you have to wake up and realize it’s not real. Obviously there are life-saving surgeries and treatments available which can literally save our lives in an emergency situation and thankfully there are! However, most people in the United States, and basically as in most I mean 1 in 2 Americans based on the CDC’s own reports from 2005, fall into the unfortunate category of being “chronically ill”. For most of these people, the only way they live a remotely bearable or productive life is to have to take medication day in and day out. For anyone who is chronically ill, and like I mentioned, this is now close to 50% of the U.S. population, they will probably tell you it ‘aint no fun’ being on prescription medications permanently or long term. In fact, for most people, they will probably tell you it sucks.

So what can be done about this? What can people do who have chronic illnesses for which they have been told will never go away or from which they will never heal? What can a person expect from their life anyway, with such a grim diagnosis? If someone told me you will never heal or get better or become cured from whatever it was I was told I had, I would probably go into a deep depression. Who wouldn’t? How can you have a zest for life when you not only don’t feel good most of the time, but now think you will never, ever, ever get better? This sounds like a fantastic recipe for long term, very profitable repeat business if I were a drug company. But I’m not, so I actually find this quite frightening. There must be a way for the body to heal. After all, that is what it does best. That’s why we are all alive right now, because it is constantly healing and restoring and rebuilding. The body wants to be well. That is why it produces symptoms in the first place, it is simply trying to heal!

So what do we do to help it heal? How can it heal? We’ve all read the “miracle” stories of a person who was diagnosed with late stage, terminal cancer and only given 1 month to live, and now 30 years later they are teaching other people on how to heal from cancer. We’ve heard about someone who tells their story of having been sick with MS and given a very dismal outlook and prognosis for recovery and now they are symptom free and living with more energy and vitality than they ever have before. I’m sure most of you have heard of places which claim to heal people from cancer and chronic diseases and illnesses and conditions. But, are these stories real? Are these places real? Or, are they all just false hope stories invented by crazy people who are set out to disillusion anyone looking for help? Hmmm. Well let’s see.

You know the old saying, “I need to see it to believe it”. Well, most of us are like this. We sure do like “the proof is in the pudding” scenarios before our brain will tell us it’s real or true. This is good. This is a natural instinct to keep us out of danger. Skepticism and questioning is important to learning and growing. So, if we have only been sold one side of the story for most of our lives and then we start to think maybe there is another side to the story, but we’re not sure where to look, it can be quite daunting, unnerving and even scary. But this is how it is when it comes to our health. We have literally been conditioned and dare I say “brain washed” into believing that there is only one way to get better. We get sick, we go to the Doctor, we get a Pill and “BAM” we get better. Or, we get sick, we get surgery to get “it” cut out of us or repaired and “BAM” we get better. Or, do we? Not quite.

The best way to know whether or not you can actually heal your body is to try it for yourself. Sure we can meet people who tell us their healing success stories and sure we can read those stories in magazines and online and see those people on TV, but until we see it for ourselves it’s still hard to really believe. Nothing makes a believer out of someone faster than experiencing it for them. So, that is what we need to do! If you are like most people, you probably haven’t studied too much about nutrition, healing and prevention. If you have, then you are probably familiar with most of the ground breaking researchers, scientists and doctors of our day who know that there are only a few ways to get the body to heal. These “ways” have been discussed over the last 50 or so years, through thousands of articles, research papers, testimonials, websites, tv shows, documentaries, and first-hand accounts. This information is actually readily available and quite easy to find. This is the beauty of living in the 21st century with the Internet. However, most people still don’t find the time, have the interest or curiosity to seek out these answers for themselves so they are really relying on someone to tell them what to do. That is why I am now writing this article.

I feel compelled to pass on what I have learned and I have found to be true, effective and helpful for people who are looking to heal from chronic, conditions, diseases and illnesses. Through personal experience in working with people and watching them get totally healthy and also from reading, writing about and researching health, nutrition, healing, preventiong and "active-aging" for the last 12 years. Are you interested in learning how to go about healing permanently? If you have decided that you have literally had enough and that you want to get better, then you can. It first takes a belief that you know your body can heal. Then it takes a commitment to wanting to make this happen. Then it just means following a few steps for a few weeks, and day by day you will start to witness perhaps the most miraculous thing you have ever witnessed, which will be your body healing and getting better.

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