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5 Time of Decline In Oral Health

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Due to the influence of female sex hormones, oral health in a number of stages in a woman’s life would be serious.

Menstruation period

Before or during the menstrual period, some women see the gum swelling and bleeding, others have painful ulcer and bleeding that not holding after dental treatment (this is natural reason why the dentist is often no treatment for women is ” being Menstruation”). These symptoms often disappear after your period ends.

Period of pregnancy

According to the study, 75% of pregnant women with gum disease. It’s caused by hormonal changes. Symptoms can be seen as swelling, bleeding, redness or pain in the gum tissue, smelly breath.

Pill period

One of the most common problems among women taking oral contraceptives are inflamed gums. It is caused by the hormone progesterone in pill can make gum tissues become sensitive to stimulants from food or plaque. If you have the presence of gingivitis when taking oral contraceptives, you should talk to your dentist.

Menopause period

This phase transition occurs at the age of 50, is considered a significant step forward in the life of the woman.

Expression of this period can be dental problems such as oral pain or discomfort, redness or inflammation of the gums, there is no feeling in the mouth, taste changes sense (salty, spicy, sour), dry mouth (xerostomia)…

The changes related to menopause may be due to hormonal changes, calcium and vitamin deficiencies. Also have to mention the different medical conditions and some medications also not excluded.

Period of osteoporosis

This is a common condition, affecting mostly women due to decreased levels of calcium in the bones causing osteoporosis. Some researchers have successfully studied the association between osteoporosis and tooth loss in jaw due teeth may decrease bone density.

Osteoporosis combined with bacteria that increased the infection of gum disease, increased periodontal bone loss, increased the risk of tooth loss.

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